animal testing, my ass

Posted August 24th, 2005 at 2:05 by Kaweh

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I was just thinking about all that animal testing stuff that is currently going on. You know, about labs shutting down because some animal rights protectors have been too much hassle, and then some more scientists arguing for animal testing, etc.

In my opinion this is all bullshit.

Animal testing for cosmetic purposes? why on earth? I don’t give a crap about cosmetics.

However, this issue reminds me of my GCSE English that I took while at college.

It was the topic of one of the essay questions.

My answer (in short) was then and still is: Protect animals at all costs, however, if animal testing, even worse, animal cruelty, or even relentless animal slaughter (however this may work out) can save the life of a single child, then for god’s sake, test the hell out of those animals, torture them or kill them, I don’t mind. All the animals on this planet are not worth the life of one child. Kill’em all if you can save one child.

If testing is not for the protection of human life, then why the fuck use animals?

Those of us, who must use cosmetics that are so aggressive that we better test them on animals first, might aswell pay that extra dime for non animal tested shit to smear into their faces.

Get a grip, sort out your fucking priorities.

PS: sorry for the swearing. If you are too sensitive to take it, maybe you should have you dog read this blog before you can venture looking at it.

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3 Responses to animal testing, my ass

  1. cowanh00

    I agree with you on the point that animals should only be tested for medical purposes but how would cosmetics (which aren’t life threting unless your Paris hilton) be tested? I was thinking they could round up the chavs and test on them! What do you think?

  2. Nico

    Kaweh, your language! Testing on animals can be shocking, I agree. I wonder, if those (obligatory) tests are really necessary everytime they change the color of a shower gel. If so, I plea for not developing new poducts. I doubt that within the past 20 years there has been any advantage in the development of new creme, make-up, etc.

    About this single child I’m not sure. We do benefit from animal tests having better medicine and ways of treatment. We also do benefit from tests the Nazis performed on humans. But is it worth the life of a single child? If it was my child…sure…but from an objective point of view?

  3. admin

    It is always very hard to remain objective in any matter that can be accompanied by horrifying pictures.

    Human testing should, in my humble opinion, only be allowed when and where the humans in question volunteer without financial reimbursement.

    Otherwise companies might just go where the people are starving and buy testhumans in return for financial help. And that is unacceptable.

    This makes me wonder by the way. Would anybody be surprised if nowadays large pharmaceutical companies would already engage in such practices? I know that I can in return for financial reimbursement become a testhuman in harmless tests. I really wonder if the non-harmless tests simply take place in the third world, and out of the eyes of our discriminating public.

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