what kind of summer is this?

Posted August 24th, 2005 at 23:42 by Kaweh

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Europe is such a small continent compared to the others on our lovely planet, but still, in what is supposed to be summer, we have floods ravishing through central Europe, while just a few hundred kilometres away people have to be afraid that their livelyhoods will be burned in massive country spanning fires.

Meanwhile on my little island, it is cold, and raining with the occasional ray of sunlight shining through.

Next we might as well have a vulcano erruption somewhere, followed by earthquakes.

Hurricanes anyone?

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8 Responses to what kind of summer is this?

  1. cowanh00

    Have you ever heard the saying: be careful what you wish for?

  2. admin


  3. FoN

    Hi Kaweh…

    hehehehe, certainly, this summer is not too much summer we had know before. At least, as I had know.

    The case is that the weather changes is turning over the weather as we have know it.

    As cowanh00 said, be careful what you wish for…



  4. admin

    Yeah, this has so far really been a farce of a summer.

  5. cowanh00

    I think that this summer has been pretty normal for a British one! 1 week of hot sun and rain and gloom for the rest of the time!!

  6. admin

    what a sad excuse for a summer.

  7. cowanh00

    Didn’t you wish for a Hurrican? Well go to New Orleans and see the destruction you have caused! ;-)

  8. admin

    I did not realise what kind of power I have.

    Well, here goes.

    I want a ferarri parked in front of my house with the keys and papers in my post box. preferably tomorrow.


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