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feeling the spirit

Posted October 28th, 2005 at 9:56 by Kaweh

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While looking on and off at Flock last night I got the desticnt feeling that we are all here for a reason.

Basically, Who gives a monkey’s backside for where you are from, what you do and for what reasons. We are all here for each other. Good, I understand that Flock is not the best example of saving the world from sudden death, but it is a reminder that people from all donkey ends of this beautiful planet can come together and do something peaceful, even if they piss off microsoft in the process.

Well, even if all the above is just junk, at least that feeling hit me last night.

Have a nice one…

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nuclear world

Posted October 22nd, 2005 at 21:58 by Kaweh

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Whether Venezuela actually plans to develop atomic bombs as the US claims or not is not really a concern of mine at the moment. Funny enough there are countries where the existance of atomic bombs has sickening side effects beyond the traditional Hiroshima scenario.

If Pakistan for example had not pumped money by the ton into their nuclear arsenal would they still now require huge international aid to help deal with the aftermath of that ghastly earthquake? And how, in the light of things can General Musharef go on TV and complain that international aid is absolutely inadequate?

Now, this leads to the question of nuclear energy. It is my belief that nuclear energy is a good way to create electricity. I belief that with sufficient research we can also find a solution for the nuclear waste issue. Back on the bombs front, however, there can never be a serious deal on reducing and eventually mothballing all nuclear arms programmes and depots as long as countries like Britain, France, China, Russia and the United States are not willing to act first and more than just symbollically.

How can we really expect developing countries such as India, Pakistan and the socially dangerous and chronically unstable states of Israel and occupied Palestine along with countries such as Iran and North Korea to cease working on what they see as the only solution to international conflict, when the big five keep going with their own nuclear folly?

This is something that can keep a concerned mind awake at nights.

Afterall, it was not India, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, North Korea or Venezuela who openly suggested using localised nuclear strikes in Iraq, but Uncle Sam.

If leading by example is an efficient way to form the future then the world is currently a paradise compared to what is yet to come.

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the biology of chav’ism

Posted October 5th, 2005 at 15:29 by Kaweh

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I have often rambled on about Chavs.

However, yesterday the suffering has been taken to a new level. While sitting for dinner, we were watching the unteachables, a documentary/reality tv show/dumbing-down-the-people-thing on channel 4.

Talking of which, Channel 4 has now launched an adult entertainment channel called “4more” or similar, which is only watchable via digital TV. Don’t fret, it is not a porn channel, it is at least supposed to feature most of Channel 4′s serious and though provoking programmes, as well as the usual sex stuff. Well, that of course also means that from now on there will be even more stupid and dumbing down stuff on the terrestrial channel.

Coming back to the topic. Chav’ism.

While watching the stuff on TV last night, it struck me that these Chavs all look alike. The only difference really being the colour of their skin sometimes, or the gender. The girls all look the same, unless they are incredibly fat, and the boys all dress the same, have the same facial expressions, and are of about the same hight. While realising this, a thought came to mind. Since most of these chavs either are or will be single chav mums (if they are girls) or come from single chav mum households, I thought, the solution might be ONE very active Chav Dad.

It would make sense. If all these single chav mums had slept with the same guy, who in return had fathered all these chavs, then there is no wonder that they are getting more and more stupid (due to the ensuing incest in consecutive generations of chavs) and loose the ability to speak proper English. And I don’t mean the Queen’s English, just correct English. There is also something to be said about their dress sense. Are these guy and girls incredibly sporty? Or do they just walk around in Payamas all day?

I have the weird feeling that a lot more research has yet to be done before we fully understand this new species of Homo Sapiens. Don’t worry dear chavs, being called a Homo Sapiens is not an insult.

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