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new year in poland

Posted December 31st, 2005 at 11:49 by Kaweh

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This year the crazy ones (some of us anyway) are in poland for new year’s eve.

After flying to Warsaw on thursday, spending one night there, we (Adrien, Przemeck, Nico, Bartok and me) drove our car to Goldap, a small town on the border to Russia.

Before we culd leave we had to do some shopping though. Particularly for gloves and other stuff to keep warm. While we were searching for a shop to buy a sleeping bag for Nico, (there appears to be a vast shortage of sport utility shops in warsaw, this might be a business opportunity) we came across what must be a warsaw speciality. The never ending 300 metres.

People strive to be helpful. but when they themselves have no idea, they simply send into a random direction and say: “it is only 300 metres.” Of course the shop never appears and the 300 metre never end. We spend three hours walking “only 300 metres”. I think we saw most of warsaw.

Anyway, back to driving to Goldap.

The weather was so bad (snow drifts, icey roads and rain) that we took 5.5 hours for what should have taken us about 4 hours. Still, considering the circumstances we made good time. The first bottle of wine was consumed in the car and several beers were liquidated in various pit stops.

When we finally arrived, the others, who had left before us had already gone to bed and we spend the rest of the night getting drunk.

Now, we are spending a little downtime until the party restarts in about 1 hour.

I will keep you posted, if I remain able to type.

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well done benfica

Posted December 8th, 2005 at 0:30 by Kaweh

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Wonders do happen, one of those is this post. I am actually writing a post about football while not taking the micky.

So here goes. Well done to Benfica for chucking Man U out of the European cup or whatever it was.

This post is also a tribute to the never dying dedication my good friend Nuno has to the Lisboa football club.

So, one last thought, how much hate do I generate among the football loving crowds by saying: “George Best was just a footballer.”?

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i have a new bed

Posted December 7th, 2005 at 13:20 by Kaweh

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Last week I bought a new bed for my room. When it was delivered, some of the parts were damaged, so I complained and today, finally, I received a replacement. All the parts are intact and I assembled it straight away. IKEA flatpacks might be good for transportation, but the assembly is still a bit of a bitch. Anyway, I assembled it and it is now standing!

Here are some pictures.

The new bed
All the packaging it came in

parts of the old bed, soon to be disposed of

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