sex sells (update 2)

Posted February 11th, 2010 at 15:16 by Kaweh

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sex sells While Facebook ads are quite unobtrusive and easily ignored, they can occasionally be quite amusing.

I found this ad today. It tries to get people to add the facebook game “My City Life”.

I found a second and third advert today.

How a bikini girl is representative of a farmville style game or why such an ad is supposed to make people click through is unknown to me. It looks more like one of those annoying ads for all these random dating websites.

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5 Responses to sex sells (update 2)

  1. cowanh00

    Three words: Ad-Block Plus…. ;-)

    But yes perhaps I should start playing this game if everyone else is and if Bikini women are involved. I want to become a sheep on Farmville. :-)

  2. Kaweh

    how did you find this post? via twitter, facebook or rss?

  3. cowanh00


  4. Kaweh


  5. cowanh00

    No worries. Do I get a free gift for answering that mini survey? ;-)

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