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Running low on memory on your android device?

Posted August 22nd, 2011 at 21:23 by Kaweh

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Ever since I have had my HTC Desire, I have been suffering from an almost constant shortage of internal memory. As the majority of apps are still refusing to be installed to SD card, and any app that displays a widget on one of the home screens cannot be installed to SD card, every now and then I hit the limit and the notification bar displays the dreaded “low on memory” icon. This automatically prevents my android from downloading emails, and any other data that is, even temporarily, saved in the internal memory.

Until now I have always looked at my list of installed applications, and decided, mostly begrudgingly, which applications to part from, to free up memory.

Today, I have decided to try something else. From long windows experience I know that over time the registry, and the hard-drive fill up with old, out-of-date and useless stuff, like leftovers from long uninstalled software, temporary files, etc…

I thought it may be possible that applications bloat with upgrades.

Test: I uninstalled DoubleTwist (weighing in at an exorbitant 14.8mb, 1.2mb of which is user data, and not moveable to SD card), then from the market reinstalled it. This up-to-date version (the same as the one I uninstalled) had no previous updates. And it only measures 9.96mb, 1.2mb of which is user data.

I freed up almost 5mb of space without loosing any applications just by uninstalling and then reinstalling one large application.

Ergo: Next time your android prompts you to update an application consider reinstalling it from the market. You may be able to make your limited memory go further.

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