anonymise chrome

Posted May 9th, 2009 at 23:10 by Kaweh

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As you know, I am now using Google’s Chrome browser in addition to Firefox. By the way, I used an old picture in my last post. Chrome is no longer in beta.

As this post says, every single copy of chrome is individually numbered and as such identifiable.

Using a tool called UnChrome you can remove this number, and make your copy of chrome anonymous.

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Chrome again…

Posted May 4th, 2009 at 23:16 by Kaweh

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I saw this and was suddenly tempted to try Chrome again:

The music is by Tim Meyers.

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why google chrome does not have to be better than firefox

Posted September 3rd, 2008 at 1:04 by Kaweh

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… to begin with, that is.

Most Firefox users are fiercly loyal. Many use it because it is safer than Microsoft‘s Internet Explorer, others use it because it offers an incredible range of add-ons and extensions. Regardless of what other products offer, it will be quite difficult to wean a longtime Firefox user off of Mozilla‘s browser.

Most internet users continue (misguidedly) to use Internet Explorer. Any successful new entrant into the browser market is bound to gain most of their market share by converting IE users.

Google Chrome is a good idea. Not because it is made by Google, but because any addition to the browser market is a good thing. If Chrome turns out to be better than at least some of its competitors, so much the better, as that will force the others to improve.

Chrome is offered for download directly via Google’s homepage. That alone will guarantee that it will appear on countless computers (Windows only for the time being) within a few days alone. The international media will undoubtedly contribute to the hype; The BBC’s video about Chrome is already their currently most watched video.

As time progresses and usage of Chrome increases, creative people around the globe will write or adapt add-ons and extensions to improve the experience. The open source nature of Chrome will also ensure that improvements and innovations will filter through to its competitors.

I somehow doubt that Chrome will be a bad browser. Wether it will be better than Firefox or not remains to be seen. However, as the browser market becomes a little more diversified and a few more internet users begin using a browser other than Internet Explorer, the net will become a better and safer place.

This post was written using Chrome.

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